Hot Mulled Wine

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how to make mulled wineIt isn’t the holidays for me without a pot of mulled wine on the stove. When it’s cold outside, stay warm inside!

The nice thing about this recipe, aside from being homemade, is that it isn’t too sweet. Store-bought Glühwein or Glögg is often too sugary for my taste. This recipe allows the character of the wine to show through.

A few notes about the wine. I recommend buying a decent red wine, but not a pricey one. Mulling it does change the taste, and you’re wasting your money to mull an expensive red wine. On the other hand, its character will shine through, so for best results, pick an affordable wine that you would enjoy drinking straight. (I made some affordable suggestions in the How to Drink Well on a Budget blog.) The same goes for the brandy. Don’t spend a fortune, but don’t buy rotgut, either.

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Hot Mulled Wine Recipe

2 750ml bottles of decent red wine
8-12 Tbsp decent brandy (I lean toward 12, myself)
2 clementines or satsumas
16-20 whole cloves
1 apple, cored and sliced
2 cinnamon sticks
⅛ cup dark brown sugar, packed
2 cups water

Cut the clementines or satsumas in half and push the whole cloves into the fruit.

Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan and heat at a low temperature (medium low or low) for 15 minutes, or until it starts to steam. Do not allow it to boil, or you’ll end up with the mulled wine version of a Shirley Temple, and what fun is that? Serve when hot.

It’s a good idea to turn off the heat in between glasses. It’s very easy to reheat throughout the day when you need it, but you don’t want too much to steam away, or to have it boil while you’re not watching it.

You could do this in a crockpot, if you’d like, on the lowest temperature. Personally, I prefer the stovetop because I have better control over the heat.
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