How To Make The Best Omelette

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photo credit: <a href="">Jumbo Lump Crab, Garlic Chive and Sweet Corn Omelette</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>I don’t know why omelettes are so intimidating, but they are. Many times, as a novice cook, I tried to make one only to have it end up on the floor, burn to the pan, or turn into nothing more than scrambled eggs. Eggs. Salt. Pepper. A little butter. How hard can it be? And yet, over and over, I failed.

I cut my teeth on Julia Child’s PBS shows. Julia was the Food Network of my day. I watched her shows at my mother’s knee as raptly as I watched any Saturday morning cartoon. I took everything she said and did, into my future cook’s heart. That was probably part of my downfall omelette-wise. I recently re-watched her omelette show laughing until tears poured down my cheeks. “This is called an omelette pan.” she instructs, “But that’s not it!” And she unceremoniously tosses it away. And the first omelette even she makes on the show looks so sadly sloppy that she buries it–and I mean buries–it under a mound of parsley as the music swells.
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I decided it wasn’t actually up to me to tell you how to make the best omelette. I googled “Great chefs making omelettes.”

While I take issue whether some of the people who came up on this search can truly be classified as “great chefs”, we all seem to agree that to make a great, fuss-free omelette you need:

  • A non-stick pan
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • A stovetop

While Julia will never lose her place in my heart as a true great chef, Jamie Oliver wins my award for easiest to follow instructional omelette video:


And the incomparable great, Jacques Pepin, wins my award for the yummiest looking, authentic, French omelettes I have yet to try:

(The entire episode is available to watch here. So many mouth-watering egg recipes that I will have to try to recreate in my own kitchen!)
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My first perfect omelette would never have made the cut in this entertaining LA Times article, but I remember it well. It was made with the last three eggs I had in the fridge, had leaked cheese through all of it’s broken places and could not be turned properly out of the pan. I half laughed and half cried at the mess I’d made, but we shared it off one plate, my paramour and I. It was gone so fast, that he crooned at me in classic Julia style, “Who’s to know!”

Give it a try and don’t be intimidated! The worst you will make is a wonderful memory.

Bon Appetit!
photo credit: Jumbo Lump Crab, Garlic Chive and Sweet Corn Omelette via photopin (license)

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