Salt and Spice Rub for Meat

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salt rub meat

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A good salt rub can really enhance the flavor of roasted meat. If you’re using one, nothing else is required! The idea for our salt rub came from the cookbook Two Fat Ladies: Obsessions.
Provisions by Food52If you plan to make this, make it several days before you need it so that the flavor can develop fully.

Salt Rub Recipe

4 heaped Tbsp coarsely chopped fresh rosemary
4 heaped Tbsp fresh thyme leaves
2 heaped Tbsp fresh marjoram leaves
1 Tbsp crushed peppercorns
12 cloves of garlic, peeled
1¾ cup fine sea salt

Mince all of the herbs and garlic as finely as possible:  use a food processor, blender, or a sharp knife. Mix with the salt in a fairly large bowl and let it stand for 24 hours at room temperature in order to dry out. Place the herbed salt in an airtight jar and keep it in the pantry or refrigerator to use when required.

When you are ready to cook with it, pour some of the rub into a separate bowl so that the rest of your salt rub doesn’t get contaminated. Use your fingers to rub the mixture into all sides of the meat. Roast, grill, or broil as usual.

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